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Club Donatello is a four-star hotel which provides one the best inmate ambiance and located in the heart of San Francesco. The hotel is just a block away from the San Francesco’s Union Square.  It is one of the first Boutique hotels in the city. The hotel filled with famous art galleries has signature staircases. The hotel is smoke-free and has a health club.

Club Donatello

There are many things which can differentiate the regular room with the Club Donatello. Some of them are listed below:

  • Luxurious Residence.
  • Free Breakfast.
  • Clubs.
  • Health facility.
  • Zingari Ristorante.
  • Additional Amenities.

 Luxurious Residence:

The Club Donatello has about 45 luxurious residence. The rooms are incredibly stylish, and the rooms are designed and decorated with a Tuscan- Style. Such brilliance of design cannot be got in a regular room. Apart from the good layout, the rooms are huge and spacious. Most of the rooms have more than 400 square feet designs. The walls of the rooms decorated with artwork, and some of the artwork was originally painted, and the rooms have a classic furnishing.

Free Breakfast:

Most of the hotels may provide free breakfast in the morning, but the thing that sets apart the Club Donatello is the style of food it offers. The Club Donatello provides you with a continental style of breakfast. The breakfast is free if you are in a package which has parking and breakfast. The Club Donatello also provides a Buon Giorno breakfast, and the hotel also sends coffee and pastries sent to your room every morning.


The guests of the hotel can enjoy the clubs in the hotel. The Club 1500 is a brilliant place to relax. The area is quiet and is best suited for you to relax and read a book while sipping on a cup of tea. The owners of the Club Donatello are allowed to stay at the club whenever they want. Many regular hotels do not have club facilities in them.

Health service:

There is a health facility which the guest at the hotel can access. Regular rooms never provide you such services. The health service in the hotel has a gym with many exercise equipment. The hotel also has a spa pool, sauna for both men and women, locker rooms and you also get showers. If you want messages, then you can have it arranged between 7 am in the morning to 10.30pm in the night. Most of these facilities don’t get provided in regular hotel rooms.

Zingari Ristorante:

The signature food of the hotel is the food of Tuscany. The hotel also has lots of other world class amenities and dining choices. The dining experience is unbelievable, and all the guest who visits the Club Donatello have a great experience.

Additional Amenities:

Apart from the luxury rooms and dining experience, there is a concierge, fitness center, Business center, Complimentary WIFI connections, massage services, complimentary tea, and coffee at the top floor at the club 1500.